Tuesday, 15 January 2013

DIY: Crown of Flowers

Hello Lovelies!

So, I'll admit that recently I have become a little, just a little, obsessed with Flower Crowns. It all started with a seemingly harmless search on Pinterest that ended up turning into a full blown love affair! My entire life I have absolutely adored that summer, boho look of pretty off the shoulder dresses, wavy beach hair & a gorgeous yet effortless flower crown. It seems Pinterest may have reignited this love affair, as it did in fact begin quite some years ago! I'm sure many of you will remember those summer days back at school or on your weekends, sitting with friends, making daisy chains and feeling like you we're oh so chic whilst wearing them for the rest of the day (or until a bee decided to make itself comfortable on the crown atop your head!) I guess now you know why I chose artificial flowers this time around! These crowns make for a staple festival piece, will make any day look effortlessly chic & most importantly when worn with some lovely gold accessories, it can instantly take the look from daytime boho to a gorgeous chic night time look. And guess what? Its super simple & cheap to make!

Time: Less than 1 hour depending on what glue you use.
Cost: $5 - $15 depending on what items you have already. It's a good idea to have a look around home for things to use because I guarantee you will be surprised by what you already have that you can use, granted your actually allowed to use said item This not only saves you money, which is always a bonus, but it allows you to make something  really unique, find use for something that may have eventually been thrown out & most importantly your saving items from becoming landfill! Also check out thrift/charity stores as they always have amazing and useful crafty items! 

 What you will need
  • 10-20 artificial flowers with wire twist bases (don't worry if they don't have the wire as you can just glue them onto the crown.) The amount of flowers you use really depends on how full you want the crown to be. I used paper scrap booking flowers that I purchased from Spotlight - a local fabrics & crafts store. You should find that most craft stores will stock either fabric, silk or paper flowers, otherwise you can always find gorgeous bunches of artificial flowers at home deco stores, $2 shops,  Target, Kmart or Big W. You may be able to find paper flowers with wire bases at a scrapbooking store.
  • PVA Glue or if your extremely impatient like me - use a 60 second quick dry glue. I used Selleys Quick Fix Super Glue. Just watch your fingers with this one, it really has a strong hold! 
  • Scissors
  • Clear sticky tape 
  • Pliers - unless like me, you think you have some inhuman strength & want to break all your nails! Please be smart....unlike someone! 
  • Something to make your crown out of which you can go about a few different ways:
    • Use a rope/cord. I used cardboard rope which I found as a handle on a Kraft shopping bag! I'm a cheapo I know! 
    • Use an existing headband & glue the flowers into that.
    • Use a ribbon - now this will look really pretty if you have enough ribbon to tie a beautiful bow that will drape at the back of your hair. This is really versatile as you can wear it loose with wavy hair, tighten it when you have your hair up & it can be worn as a crown, headband, or even as a belt or necklace. 
    • Use florists wire (it's green & looks more natural) or just general hardware wire. You can even twist a few pieces together to create a vine look.
    • Use pipe cleaners, you know the ones you used for craft as a kid? Although it wouldn't look anywhere near as good as the other options listed, it's a great idea for any little girls out there in need of a pretty craft idea - there you go!

How to do it:
1. Measure the circumference of your head taking into consideration how loose you want the crown to sit. You can use a measuring tape but it's easy enough just to use the rope and hold it in a round shape, continuing to adjust it until it fits the way you want it to.

2. Now that you have the crown the correct size, you will need to keep it that way by securing it with tape. Using some sticky tape connect the two ends of the rope together so it makes one continuous circle.

3. Take all of your flowers out of their packets, ensuring that you are careful when pulling out the flowers with wire bases as they can break. You may want to keep one of the flowers (your favourite one) for a little project listed below. If your flowers are on a stem then cut the stem as close to the base of the flower as possible. 

4. Lay your crown down and arrange your flowers around it until you are happy with all of their positions and the overall look. 

5. Start wrapping the wires around the rope in a spiral motion to lock them in place as shown in the picture below. If you are using wire-less flowers then start gluing your flowers onto the crown. 

6. Use your pliers to tighten the wire on the flowers so they really stay on the crown.

7. If you used glue then wait for it to dry & otherwise your all done!

Other simple ideas shown below are: 

Flower Ring: Just take one of the flowers with wire (you know, that one I told you to keep?), put the flower into position on the finger of your choice. Then twist the wire at the base of your finger and loop the wire back so that it ends up being flat. Use pliers to flatten it out so that that sharp wire ends are out of the way. If you don't have wire flowers, just use an existing ring or make one with wire & glue the flower on.   

Flower Hair Pins: Now, I stupidly cut all of the wire off my remaining flowers before thinking of this, so if you have the wires still on this become so much easier! Just take a hair pin (bobby pin or bun pin), wrap the wire of the flower around the end curve of the pin and use you pliers to secure. Viola! If like me, you cut the wires or are using artificial flowers then just glue them to the end curve of the pins & wait until dry. These would look great pushed into messy buns or around the base of a simple pony tail!

Flower Hair Pins with Gold Chain: It's super simple and all you need is a little chain - silver or gold. If you don't want to buy any chain then try your jewellery box for an old necklace or bracelet you no longer wear. Then all you do is put one side of the pin through one of the chain links and then do the same with the other pin to the other side of the chain. And now you have a gorgeous little dressy jewellery piece.

Above: The final product & a few other sweet ideas! From bottom left we have: flower hair pins with gold chain // the flower wire twist method // flower hair pins // flower ring // flower hair pin // the crown of flowers.

If you are not so confident in your craft making skills or read this and still have absolutely no idea what to do -  have no fear! I have found a few places that can make a gorgeous crown of flowers just for you!

http://www.etsy.com/shop/InspiredbyLuce - Indonesia 
http://www.etsy.com/shop/rougepony - From the UK - By far the coolest headpieces I have ever seen!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and enjoy this summer look as much as I do. If you decide to make your own crown of flowers, we would love to see it! So make sure you post a picture of yourself wearing it on Instagram or Twitter & tag both myself @jessimalouf and @rachtbanks and hashtag #etcflowercrown so we can find your wonderful creations! A special thanks goes out to my mum who used a DSLR camera for the first time to take all of these photo's for me. Half the shots were blurry but well done mummy!

I can't wait to see what you create! If you have any questions, just leave a comment below! 

Till next time, stay sweet! 
Xx Jess


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